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  • Fthmlss & Catch92 about their latest album "Taijitu"

    Tom(Ftmlss) & Scott(Catch92) are no strangers to the scene and after their release of the new album “Taijitu”, which is part of the Zodiac Series hosted by Aviary Bridge Records I wanted to get to know a bit more about them and about their work.

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  • Creating sonic vistas with LeVirya and Broey.

    Expansive yet intimate,Where the Crawfish Singselucidates those attributes which define label owner and producer LeVirya (Leon) and musician/producer Broey. (Joey).

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  • Elleodin’s unconventional mimesis

    Elleodin is a producer, vocalist, instrumentalist, and visual artist who hails from the UK. Between travel and making visual art, Lara Mason makes composes innovative, genre-bending downtempo music.

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  • The rise of Fdluxx

    A native of England, Iran-born producer Fdluxx explores a plethora of styles with his illuminating flavour of lo-fi hip hop. He is both driven and inspired by a multifaceted world, showering listeners with a multitude of new voices and textures with every release.

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  • rocomoco & The Hidden

    Immediately identifiable by its charming piquancy, the sound of this international trio ventures into new stylistic territory.

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