• Aviary Bridge Socials

    We've been working hard behind the scenes and decided it's time to change up our socials. We split up our Instagram pages into aviary.stories & aviary.music

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  • All our Zodiac Albums

    In 2021 we did a year long project called the "Zodiac Series". Every month a new album, different artists, but always a smooth vibe.

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  • Fthmlss & Catch92 about "Taijitu"

    Tom(Ftmlss) & Scott(Catch92) are no strangers to the scene and after their release of the new album “Taijitu”, I wanted to get to know a bit more about them and about their work.

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Aviary Bridge Records

Aviary is a independent record label built by artists, for artists.

We take a personal approach, by putting the artist before the track.

Next to releasing music, we're trying to build a inspiring community of creators.

We want to hear your story, your inspiration and your struggles.

We believe that sharing your story is one of the key elements of creating a vibrant community.

About us
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